> What it is?

This is a "project" where I decided to plant trees using the website Treedom.net with 10% of the bounties I get. You can check out all of the already planted trees in the #bugs4trees forest by clicking the button below.

> How does it work?

tree_budget - Amount that will be used to buy trees
tree_type - A type of tree on treedom.net
available_types - Plantable tree_types, excluding last planted type

  1. I recieve a bounty
  2. 10% of the bounty will be tree_budget
  3. I randomly select 4 tree_types from available_types
  4. A poll on Twitter will be created with the 4 tree_types
  5. You can vote for which type of tree to plant
  6. After voting is over, I'll buy round_up(tree_budget / tree_type_price) amount of trees of the voted tree_type.

* since life changes, these rules will expire in 6 months, and will be open for reconsideration on 2020-11-07.

> What is Treedom?

On Treedom you can plant trees with money. This concept is not necessarily new. There are multiple things where I think Treedom differs from the rest:

For more detaild infomration, you can check out the Treedom Standard and the Code of Ethics. These are the rules of for the farmers/people involved.

TLDR: I don't think it's a scam.

> Can I join?

Yes! If you are a bug hunter & would like to plant some trees, you are more then welcome to join the bugs4trees project and grow our bug bounty forest!

If you would like to join:

inspired by @nathanieldrew